SmarTrack S5 D-ID Tracker

  • Revolutionary mobile ADR tracking app
  • Recognised by all insurers for any vehicle
  • Fully Thatcham Accredited S5 Thatcham vehicle tracker
  • Mobile installation at a time, date, location convenient to you
  • 24/7 monitoring control room
  • Optional vehicle immobilisation upgrade
  • *vehicle make + model
    *vehicle registration / year
    *installation address

Smart Driver Recognition

The Smartrack S5 D-ID System represents a groundbreaking approach to using your mobile phone for driver identification. Forget about the usual S5 ADR fobs; your D-iD phone app now serves as your Driver Recognition System. In addition to the typical S5 tracker features, your tracking system connects directly to your phone, remotely verifying you as the vehicle’s authorised driver. This guards against all modern theft techniques, including key theft and relay crime.

The D-ID app system offers an efficient and convenient substitute for carrying Driver ID fobs for every authorised driver.

Feature Overview

  • Thatcham Category S5 Quality Assured
  • 24/7 Monitoring Service
  • Revolutionary Driver Recognition mobile app
  • Movement & Battery tamper/disconnect alerts
  • Battery level alerts
  • Optional immobilisation
  • Free app for real-time tracking from your phone
  • IP67 waterproof tracker
  • Fully transferable (fitting fees apply)




Waterproof device

All of our S Series stolen vehicle tracking devices are water and dustproof and are tested to an IP rating of 67.


International Network Roaming

Our S Series stolen vehicle tracking devices use multi-network, roaming SIMs in all of their products to ensure the strongest network connection at all times.


Multiple Tracking Technologies

In addition to GPS-based tracking, we also utilise other technologies to track and locate vehicles in the event of theft. This means we do not solely rely on GPS for obtaining location.


Movement Alerts

If your vehicle is moved without the ignition, the Secure Control Centre will notify you to confirm the vehicle's safety.

3 year

3 Year Warranty

Our devices have a 3 year manufacturer warranty. Extendable up to 12 years.


Recognised By All Major Insurers

Our devices are approved throughout the insurance and finance industry. Thatcham approval and insurance listing give peace of mind for customers and insurers alike.  


Battery Monitoring

All devices have the ability to monitor your vehicle’s battery levels; you will be contacted if the vehicle battery is running low or has been disconnected.


Fully Transferable

All of our devices can be removed and fitted to another vehicle.


Flexible Subscription Options

Includes yearly, monthly, 24 and 36-month options and duration of ownership.


In-House Monitoring

24/7 Secure Control Centre allowing the device to be fully monitored throughout the UK and Europe and the fastest response to any alerts.


Movement Alerts

If your vehicle is moved without the ignition, the Secure Control Centre will notify you to confirm the vehicle's safety.


Repatriation Network

As well as working with local and national police forces, Global Telemetrics use independent repatriation investigators around the world to help recover vehicles. These teams have extensive local knowledge and can assist in the recovery of our customers’ vehicles.