Ghost Autowatch

The Ghost is a unique next-generation device that secures your vehicle without the need for cutting wires or adding after-market alarm and immobiliser key fobs.

The device is connected to the vehicle’s CAN Data Network and a personalised PIN code is programmed into the Ghost. Using the vehicle’s existing buttons on the dashboard and steering wheel, this PIN is a unique code pattern that must be selected in order for the vehicle to start.

Popular with all kinds of vehicle owners, the Ghost car immobiliser system is most commonly used to secure the following models:

  • Focus RS
  • Audi RS
  • VW R
  • Range Rover Sport/Evoque


  • *vehicle make + model
    *vehicle registration / year
    *installation address

Advantages of a Ghost Immobiliser

Protection from Key Cloning and Key Theft.

Engine Start Blocking

Undetectable to diagnostic tools, the Ghost will prevent the engine from starting unless the unique, user-defined code sequence has been entered first. A professional thief may use readily available diagnostic tools to detect alarm and immobiliser circuits on modern vehicles and disable them. With no circuit cuts, the Ghost cannot be tampered with in this way.

Stops Key Cloning and ECU Swapping

Thieves are unable to simply add a new key or replace the ECU to steal your vehicle as your vehicle will only start when the user inputs the correct data.

CAN Data Network

Using the vehicle’s own CAN Data Network has several advantages, including low-impact installation, very low probability of being detected and disabled, and compatibility with the vehicle in any location.

Emergency PIN Code Override

If the PIN code is forgotten, the car is sold, or a programming button becomes inoperative, each device has a secure unique reset code. Additionally, Service Valet Mode allows your vehicle to temporarily start and drive without requiring your unique code.

No Radio Frequency Signals

Additionally, the Ghost does not transmit any signals. This prevents thieves using sophisticated RF scanning or code-grabbing technology to intercept and detect what security system is fitted.

Silent Operation

The unit is totally silent, communicating with the vehicle’s ECU on the CAN Data circuit, meaning it does not give away its location to thieves.

Tested for Each Vehicle

Due to the nature of CAN data, the Ghost has been adapted and tested for every vehicle that we list as compatible. Compart and completely weatherproof, the Ghost is sealed and so small, it may be installed and wrapped into the vehicle harness virtually anywhere making it virtually impossible for a thief to find.

Please Note – This Device Is NOT Thatcham-Approved.

Simple PIN Code Change Process

Change your unique PIN Code at any time with ease. Use the vehicle’s original buttons to enter the PIN Code. In modern vehicles, these buttons send data all around the vehicle, allowing the Ghost to respond to your specific inputs without the need for extra wiring.