Tracking Doctor West Midlands

Tracking Doctor West Midlands, has over 20 years of supply and installation experience. Tracking Doctor is the leading tracking specialists in vehicle security. Focusing on installing and supplying cars and vans with vehicle tracking in West Midlandsfor extra protection.

S7 Trackers are the most popular Insurance Approved Vehicle Trackers, and enable owners to track and locate their vehicle 24/7. Whilst S7 Trackers do not meet the criteria for S5 Trackers, they still provide a huge level or security and increase the chances of your vehicle being recovered if stolen.

As of January 2019, Thatcham Category 6 trackers have been replaced with Thatcham Category S7 Trackers. If your insurance provider has requested that your vehicle is fitted with either an S7 Tracker or CAT 6 Tracker, then all the products in this category will be compatible with your vehicle.