Stolen Vehicle Tracking Halesowen

Vehicle Tracking device installation from as little as £200.00

Tracking Doctor are the leading Halesowen stolen vehicle tracking specialists.

If you own a valuable and desirable vehicle, it is important to protect it from car thieves in every way you can. A Ghost Immobiliser is a popular choice for all vehicle types, due to its effectiveness and ease of use for the vehicle owner.

Top 10 Stolen Vehicles

According to the stolen vehicle reports by the DVLA in 2019 the list of most stolen vehicle models is composed of premium and best seller models. Here is the list of the top 10 stolen vehicles in the UK

Audi A3
BMW 3 Series
BMW 5 Series
Ford Fiesta
Ford Focus
Land Rover Discovery
Range Rover
Mercedes E Class
Vauxhall Astra
Volkswagen Golf

Halesowen Stolen Vehicle Tracking Specialist

If you need a car tracker in Halesowen then our mobile engineers will be able to visit you at home, work or even the dealership to install your vehicle tracker. Due to the increased level of vehicle crime throughout Halesowen, more motorists than ever are now being told they need to install a tracker in Halesowen; and throughout the West Midlands.

Car Thieves today are becoming more advanced and are usually able to break into unsecured cars undetected. Often being able to drive your vehicle off the drive in just 60 seconds. For owners who have worked so hard to own a luxury car, it is heart-breaking how it can be taken away so quickly.

Halesowen Stolen Vehicle Tracking Packages

Vehicle tracking device installation from as little as £200.00


Ultimate Accuracy to Within 10 Metres
European Coverage Included as Standard
Lowest priced Insurance
Thatcham Approved category S7 tracker
Full 24/7/365 Theft Monitoring


Lowest priced Insurance & Thatcham approved category S5 tracker
Driver detection
Accuracy to within 1 inch
European coverage included as standard
Fully transferable
Journey history
Private mileage
Tamper & tow away alerts


Lowest priced insurance & Thatcham approved category S5 tracker
Driver detection with immobilisation
Accuracy to within 1 inch
European coverage included as standard
Full transferrable
Journey history
Private mileage
Tamper & tow away alerts

Ghost Immobiliser Halesowen

Ghost Immobiliser is now TASSA and Insurance Approved

As vehicle crime rates increases in Halesowen, so do insurance prices. A Ghost immobiliser installation from Tracking Doctor will prevent your car from being stolen using a relay box where the criminals can take cars without the keys. Keyless entry car theft is on the rise year on year; but we can help you stay protected.

The Ghost Immobiliser combats this issue by giving you a unique pin code using the panels and centre console which must be entered before the engine will start. Therefore combating this issue. Thieves will be stuck with a vehicle that won’t start, and those valuable seconds leave time for the police or you to catch the criminals.

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