Car GPS tracking Oldbury

Car GPS tracking device installation from as little as £499.00

Tracking Doctor are the leading Oldbury car GPS tracking specialists. Due to the increased level of vehicle crime throughout Oldbury, more motorists than ever are now being told; they need to install a tracker in Oldbury.

Top 10 Stolen Vehicles

According to the stolen vehicle reports by the DVLA in 2019 the list of most stolen vehicle models is composed of premium and best seller models. Here is the list of the top 10 stolen vehicles in the UK

Audi A3
BMW 3 Series
BMW 5 Series
Ford Fiesta
Ford Focus
Land Rover Discovery
Range Rover
Mercedes E Class
Vauxhall Astra
Volkswagen Golf

Oldbury car GPS tracking specialists

Tracking Doctors Stolen Vehicle Tracking and Recovery products are now recognised as a market leader in insurance-approved vehicle tracking systems throughout Oldbury.

Car insurance companies are now concerned about the number of premiums they are paying, for stolen vehicles that are never recovered. A Stolen vehicle tracker can guide the police; to the exact location of any stolen vehicle with a fitted Tracking Doctor tracker.

Our stolen vehicle tracking devices have been assured by Thatcham to be recognised by insurance companies.

Our insurance-approved stolen vehicle tracking devices can be fitted to the following vehicles: cars, caravans, motorhomes, vans, lorries, cranes, plant machinery, tractors, motorcycles, and even marine.



In 2022 a vehicle was stolen every 5 minutes

Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has revealed that 61,106 vehicles were stolen in the UK in 2022, up from 48,493 in the previous year!

According to the Office of National Statistics, only 40% of the stolen vehicles are returned to their owners





Waterproof device

All of our stolen vehicle tracking devices are water and dustproof and are tested to an IP rating of 67.


International Network Roaming

Our stolen vehicle tracking devices use multi-network, roaming SIMs in all of their products to ensure the strongest network connection at all times.


Multiple Tracking Technologies

In addition to GPS-based tracking, we also utilise other technologies to track and locate vehicles in the event of theft. This means we do not solely rely on GPS for obtaining location.


In-House Monitoring

24/7 Secure Control Centre allowing the device to be fully monitored throughout the UK and Europe and the fastest response to any alerts.


3 Year Warranty

Our devices have a 3 year manufacturer warranty. Extendable up to 12 years.


Recognised By All Major Insurers

Our devices are approved throughout the insurance and finance industry. Thatcham approval and insurance listing give peace of mind for customers and insurers alike.  


Fully Transferable

All of our devices can be removed and fitted to another vehicle.


Fully Transferable

All of our devices can be removed and fitted to another vehicle.


Flexible Subscription Options

Includes yearly, monthly, 24 and 36-month options and duration of ownership.


Battery Monitoring

All devices have the ability to monitor your vehicle’s battery levels; you will be contacted if the vehicle battery is running low or has been disconnected.


Movement Alerts

If your vehicle is moved without the ignition, the Secure Control Centre will notify you to confirm the vehicle's safety.


Repatriation Network

As well as working with local and national police forces, Global Telemetrics use independent repatriation investigators around the world to help recover vehicles. These teams have extensive local knowledge and can assist in the recovery of our customers’ vehicles.

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